Dathan & Hilary Treat, Innkeepers at The Golden Leaf InnTo kick off our inaugural B&B interview series, we’d like to welcome Dathan & Hilary Treat, Innkeepers at The Golden Leaf Inn in Estes Park, Colorado. Dathan & Hilary both grew up in Colorado, and are both accomplished Chefs.

Planet BnB: To start, could you give us an idea of what a typical breakfast is like? Could you share where you source your ingredients, and what a typical meal might include?

A: Our typical breakfast includes an egg dish or roast vegetables (whatever is at the Thursday farmer’s market usually!), a breakfast meat such as chicken sausage or bacon, fresh seasonal fruit, and a pastry or a bread. All of our ingredients are all natural or organic and we do our best to find local produce. Most of our condiments are homemade such as blueberry syrup and lemon curd and Bellini Jam. We serve locally roasted coffee with a french press and it is just amazing! You truly can’t say ‘no thank you’ once you smell it brewing.

Planet BnB: You’re situated so close to the Rocky Mountain National Park – do you have a favorite hike? If so, can you tell us a little about what makes it special?

A: Our favorite hike to recommend to our guests is probably the Alberta Falls hike from Bear Lake. For our more adventurous hikers – we recommend Mt. Ida or Mt. Chapin!

Planet BnB: You’re equally close to Main Street in Estes Park – what’s an overlooked gem of Estes Park guests should consider visiting?

A: As far as hidden gems here in Estes, we love to send our guests to the new Seasoned Bistro for evening food and cocktails. Its often that our guests are celebrating when they come to stay with us and Rob always does a top notch job with a very special dinner!

Planet BnB: Are there any special aspects of the house that you’d like to share with potential guests?

A: Our Inn is chock full of period architecture from the 1920’s Craftsman style. Every square inch of the Inn has been thoughtfully restored and decorated to recreate a time-period and give the guest a feeling of deep peace. We have many Stickley period pieces of furniture for lounging, dining, and all of our gorgeous tiffany style lamps! I think our favorite spot in the Inn is watching the view of Long’s Peak over the top of the Elkhorn stables from our Heavenly room while sitting in the ergonomic Stickley chairs.

Planet BnB: Thanks so much for speaking with us!

For more info on the Golden Leaf Inn, visit: https://www.planetbnb.com/listing/the-golden-leaf-inn/


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